CEO's Statement

TC MRO has been a leader in commercial, military, and industrial MRO since it opened in 1980. For all of these years, we have performed maintenance on jet engine components and accessories for customers worldwide. In 2013, we have expanded our capabilities to include servicing airframe components and accessories in our Miramar Florida location. 

TC MRO's formula for success is simple. By creating our facilities with "in-house" capabilities and building the business with excellent experienced staff, TC MRO can offer the highest level of quality and delivery at reasonable prices to our customers. at TC MRO, every part and every customer we support is special and deserves the highest level of service. 

As President and CEO, I am proud of TC MRO's performance and accomplishments which are driven by quality product services on time for our customers worldwide. Please take a look through our catalog and visit our website at to learn more about TC MRO. On behalf of the TC MRO team, we look forward to an opportunity to service your MRO requirements. 


Glen Greenberg